Station Information

Saturday, 18 June 2011 18:14 administrator

Date started: 2nd December 2002 (Broadcasting)

Ownership: an association called: Indonsakusa Voluntary Association (Community)

Registration Number: 009-493 NPO

VAT Registration No: 454 0227941

Broadcasting hours: 24 hours

Broadcasting area: The North coast of KZN from Durban in the South to St Lucia in the North and Vryheid inland

Transmitter power: REP 1 000 Watts

Target audience: as a geographically founded community station ICORA FM has different programs positioned to target different audiences ranging from

LSM: 1-9

Target Audience: 3-60 and above.

Statistics on Listenership: 216  000

Broadcasting language: English and Zulu

Format: consists of 40% talk and music 60%. Programs give factual information and allow enough room for community participation.

Positioning: ICORA FM is a well balanced a radio station in terms educating, information dissemination and entertainment.

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